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The Shaping of a Set Apart Woman

The Shaping of a Set Apart Woman
with Leslie Ludy | February 27, 2017

In this powerful and practical episode, Leslie shares five qualities that are a must in the makeup of a set apart woman. When incorporated into the fabric of your soul, they will enable you to flourish in whatever season of life you’re experiencing, whether single or married.

Be Encouraged as Leslie Shares:

The truth about satisfied singleness
The secret to a fulfilled marriage
The beauty of being an others-focused woman
The appeal of reverent and discrete behavior


Leslie Ludy: Hey everyone! It’s Leslie Ludy, host of the Set Apart Girl Podcast: Biblical Encouragement for Women of All Ages. Today I’m really excited to talk to you about five key qualities in a set apart woman. Since this is part of our relationship series these are some of the most important qualities to cultivate in your life before you’re married, and even after marriage as well. And for men they’re also the most important qualities to look for in a godly wife. So these are things that I feel are absolutely crucial to a woman living a set apart life and being marriage ready.

You may not be the finished product of all these qualities this side of heaven. In reality none of us will be, but if you aim your life in this direction, and by God’s grace let Him build these things within the fabric of your character, then you will have an amazing foundation for a strong marriage and for godly character.


Leslie Ludy: The first quality to cultivate, or to ask God to cultivate in your life, is to become completely fulfilled in Christ. I know I’ve touched on this in other episodes as well, but it is absolutely the foundation of set apart womanhood — finding your fulfillment in Christ. I’ve shared the story before about a group of young people who came to Eric and I. They were all singles, but they were in a marriage and family training program, and they were being told not to raise their expectations too high for marriage, that marriage will be a disappointment, and that they shouldn’t expect a fairy tale. And they came to us to ask us our opinion because they said, “We’ve been waiting and saving ourselves our whole lives so that we could have a stronger and more beautiful marriage, and now these Christian leaders are telling us that marriage really isn’t that great.”

Eric and I looked at our marriage (and at that time we had been married for about ten years, and at the time of this recording we’ve been married over 20 years), and we realized that our marriage has grown stronger and more beautiful with every passing year. That is not because we are incredible at romance, and we are amazingly sensitive to each other. It’s not because we read all of these marriage books, and go to all these marriage retreats. It’s because we’ve learned how to make Jesus Christ our First Love individually.

So instead of coming to our spouse and saying, “Unless this person meets all of my needs perfectly, I cannot possibly be fulfilled and happy in my marriage.” We’re able to say, “My deepest needs are met in Jesus Christ, and that gives me the freedom to go to my spouse and say, not, ‘How can I be served?’ but, ‘How can I serve?’”

A set apart woman must find her strength first and foremost in Jesus Christ. Marriage can be truly amazing and truly beautiful, and it can grow more beautiful and more romantic with every passing year — but only when Christ is kept in His rightful place at the center. A woman who is fulfilled in Christ is not going to be constantly nagging her husband, and complaining about all of the ways that he’s falling short. She’ll be asking a new question. Not, “How can my husband become the Prince Charming I’ve always dreamed of?” But, “How can I serve and love my husband?”

That doesn’t mean you don’t communicate your needs or your desires to your husband, or that he doesn’t fulfill you at any level, but instead of looking to him to meet all your needs, your deepest needs are first and foremost met in Jesus Christ. A woman who is not desperately seeking a relationship or throwing herself at guys in desperation, but is content and secure in her relationship with Christ is a happy, contented, fulfilled single woman as well.

A lot of books are coming out saying that a woman can’t really be content in her singleness because she’s meant to be married. But truly if you’re fulfilled in your relationship with Christ, you’re not going to be desperately seeking a relationship. You won’t be thinking that is the only thing that is going to bring you happiness because your happiness is centered in Jesus Christ, and that can save you from so much heartache. It can save you from trying to manipulate a relationship from coming together, throwing yourself at guys, doing things that are very undignified, and throwing your feminine mystery to the wind because you’re so convinced that having a guy is the only thing that can make you happy. When you find your fulfillment in Christ not only are your single years stronger, but your marriage is stronger as well.

How do you know if you’re fulfilled in Christ? Well, some of the ways that you can tell: where do your thoughts stray to when you wake up in the morning? What are you thinking about as you’re falling asleep at night? What consumes the majority of your time, your energy, and your thoughts during the day? If you’re thinking about what you need, what you want, what you want to get out of life, how you can become more happy, wondering what this person thinks of you, wondering if that guy is interested in you … then very likely you’re not looking to Christ to fulfill you at the deepest level. If your thoughts are on Him, and on His Word, and on His truth, and you’re waking up with a prayer on your lips, you’re going to bed with a prayer or worship in your heart — that’s how you know that you’re truly building your life around Jesus Christ.

If Christ is not the center of your life right now, if you’re not fulfilled fully in Him, then take some time to realign your life with His priorities. This is something that God had to walk me through earlier in my life because even though I said Jesus Christ was my focus, my life was built around myself and my own pursuit, my own agenda. So I had to start saying no to the things that pulled me away from Christ — friendships that were unhealthy, activities and pastimes that were not building me up spiritually — and start saying yes to spending time in the presence of God.

It was A.W. Tozer who said, “The man who would know God, must spend time with Him.” And it is the same with a woman too, “The woman who would know God must spend time with Him.” We can’t expect to make Christ the center of our life if we’re not taking time to worship Him, to read His Word, to pray, to pour out our heart before Him, and to walk with Him every single day.

I honestly think that that season of learning how to become fulfilled in Christ and to make Him my First Love was the foundation of my relationship with Eric. I wouldn’t have truly been ready for a God-written love story unless God had first walked me through that all-important season. So whether you’re married or single, take time to center your life around Jesus Christ, and be sure that He truly is the first love and the first priority of your heart.


Leslie Ludy: The second quality for a set apart woman is to become others-focused. Are you looking to be served, or are you looking to serve? I believe that the women who most reflect Christ’s nature and heart are those who are constantly turning outward and joyfully pouring out their lives for others. This is very counter-culture because the modern idea goes something like this, “Don’t just meet everyone else’s needs, take care of yourself.”

Now of course it’s important to tend to your own needs, but we’ve often taken this idea to an unhealthy level in our culture as modern women, and we think that protecting “me time” above everything else is what matters. Even viewing marriage and children as a way to make us happy is a pitfall of this mindset instead of looking to love and serve those that God has placed in our lives.

1 Timothy 5:10, is talking about the qualities of a godly woman, and it says that she’s, “well reported for good works…she’s brought up children, she’s lodged strangers, she’s washed the saints’ feet, she’s relieved the afflicted, and she’s diligently followed every good work.” This is not an optional part of godly womanhood, this is the outflow of a woman who’s focused on Jesus Christ. She is busy about the Father’s business. So if this is a lack in your life, if you feel that you’ve succumbed to the culture’s mentality of protect yourself, and take care of yourself and everything you do (including marriage, family, and children) is all about how to make you happy, then ask God to realign your perspective, turn you outward, and help you understand the joy of giving, loving, and living a poured out life.


Leslie Ludy: The third quality for a set apart woman is to be truth-led versus emotion-led. I love this quote by Elisabeth Elliot. She said, “Obedience to God is always possible. It is a deadly error to fall into the notion that when feelings are extremely strong we can do nothing but act on them.” Wow! What a convicting statement! We as women are so prone to that. If we have strong feelings about something, we just feel that we have no choice but to act on those feelings, what those feelings are telling us to do. Our culture encourages us to follow our heart, and yet this is a completely non-biblical concept! Proverbs tells us in two different places, “He who trusts in his own heart is a fool…” (Prov. 28:26a). And again, “A fool has no delight in understanding, but in expressing his own heart” (Prov. 18:2). So the idea of following your heart, though it may sound good in a Disney song, is actually going to lead to disaster in your own life.

It’s what leads women to throw their feminine mystery to the wind and become desperate and throw themselves at guys. It’s what leads married women to become discontent in their marriages. It’s what leads us to become nagging and manipulative towards men. It’s what leads women to scream at their children, storm out of the room when their husband frustrates them, and vent all their frustrations to their girlfriends. It’s even what leads married women to be unfaithful to their husbands because they believe that their feelings toward another man are so strong that they have no choice but to act upon those feelings.

We are often taught that our heart is good and the culture has conditioned us to place a high value on our own desires and emotions, but God has a completely different direction for us when it comes to our own heart and emotions. It must become subservient and yielded to the Spirit of God. We need to ask God to shape our emotions, and our feelings, and our desires to align with His and to say, “Lord, even if my feelings about something are extremely strong, if they do not align with your truth, then I’m going to choose truth over emotion.”

As women we must surrender our feelings and emotions to Jesus Christ. We must let Him work His godly self-control within us. Our actions and our decisions must be based on His truth, not on our feelings, whims, or desires. And here’s another quote from Elisabeth Elliot, she says we must, “keep a tight reign on our emotions. They may remain, but it is not they who are to rule the action.They have no authority. A life lived in God is not lived on the plane of the feelings, but of the will.”


The fourth quality of a set apart woman is to become discreet and reverent in our behavior. Titus 2:4-5, is describing this, and it says, “…admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet…” The word discreet there means to be self-controlled, sober, and temperate. It’s really the opposite of the silly, shallow, frivolous, careless behavior that we see in femininity all around us today.

How do we know if we are truly discreet and reverent? Well, let’s look at our speech, our conduct, our body language, what we post on social media, how we act around our friends. Are we being shallow, frivolous, silly, or immodest? Are we sharing sacred things carelessly? Do our words and actions reflect the crudeness of this world or the dignity of heaven? Is our focus, our words, what we post, and how we act — is our focus on the eternal things or on the temporary, passing things of this world?

Amy Carmichael, who is one of my heroes in Christian history, had a turning point in her life when she was about 17 years old where she realized that nothing would ever matter to her again except the things that were eternal. So one of the best ways that you can build discreet and reverent behavior in your life is to start centering your conversations, attitudes, and actions around things that are eternally based rather than shallow, fleeting things of this world.


Leslie Ludy: And the fifth quality for a set apart woman is to become willing to suffer for Christ. Now this may seem like a strange one to include in preparation for marriage – but marriage, as I’ve said in previous episodes, is difficult. If we’re not willing to suffer for Christ, or allow our husbands to suffer for Christ, then we’ll miss out on living an amazing life that can be poured out for the Gospel and build the Kingdom of God.

The women that I admire most in Christian history not only suffered willingly for Christ, but counted it a privilege to do so. Women who understand the narrow path of the Cross, and that the Christian life is not meant to be easy, they will be good soldiers of the Cross no matter what life brings  — no matter if they lose their husband, no matter if they go through very, very difficult circumstances. Maybe God is calling you as a couple to go to the mission field. You need to be ready for the battle, and one of the ways to be ready is to be willing to suffer for Jesus Christ and to count it a privilege to do so. All throughout the New Testament we are reminded that suffering for Christ is an honor, and a joy, and a blessing.

Study the lives of women like Esther Ahn Kim, Darlene Deibler, Sabina Wurmbrand, Elisabeth Elliot —these women are incredible examples of accepting this cup of suffering that God gave them and becoming a good soldier for Jesus Christ. The lives that were impacted as a result of their obedience were truly in the hundreds of thousands! So don’t discount what God can do through your life and through your marriage if you’re willing to suffer for Christ.


Leslie Ludy: In summary I would like to share with you one of my very favorite quotes from a woman named Christina Rossetti from 1880. She wrote, “How beautiful are the arms which have embraced Christ, the eyes which have gazed upon Christ, the lips which have spoken with Christ, the feet which have followed Christ. How beautiful are the hands which have worked the works of Christ, the feet which are treading in His footsteps and have gone about doing good, the lips which have spread abroad His name, the lives which have been counted for Him.”

If you build your life and your character around those qualities, not only will you be marriage material, but even your single years will be an incredible picture of a woman who can be poured out for the Kingdom of God. So whether you’re called to a lifetime of singleness, or you’re called to be married. Whether you’re called to have a season of singleness and then a season of marriage — if you can cultivate these character qualities in your life, you’ll be strong for the Gospel in every season of your life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. For more on this topic, please visit, or the new Secrets to an Amazing Love Story online course at I pray you have a blessed and Christ-centered week!

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Khotbah ttg pernikahan n keluarga

Khotbah ttg pernikahan n keluarga
Di Semarang by Ps Heri

Kej 2, Yoh 4
Tuhan sendiri yg membentuk Adam n Hawa, ada rencana besar dlm pernikahan utk memuliakan Tuhan.
Iblis mengguncang pernikahan agar rencana Tuhan gagal.
Mujizat 1 di pernikahan n ke 2 di keluarga perwira Kapernaum.
Anggur adl lambang sukacita. Yesus adl sumber sukacita.
Libatkan Tuhan dlm keluarga, Dia sanggup memulihkan.

Tujuan pernikahan:
1. Pertumbuhan
Bahagia ada akibat pertumbuhan, proses lbh penting.
Jk mau bahagia, pasangan akan diperalat utk capai kebahagiaan.
Jk bahagia tujuannya, akan jd org yg plg tdk bahagia krn tdk ada org yg sempurna.

Pernikahan bukan 50 n 50. Yg 1 kosong krn satunya ingin dipenuhi.
Allah mempersiapkan pernikahan 100 n 100. Ini pernikahan bintang 5.
Jika penuh br siap bangun pernikahan. Kepenuhan bukan dr pasangan, tp dr Tuhan.
Ini sdh pernah kutulis d blogku. Rumus benar vs rumus salah. Intinya God+man=100%. God+woman=100%. God+man+woman=100%.

Hdp sesuai panggilan.
Lelaki pemimpin. Wanita penolong.
Jgn menuntut pasangan tp memberi n memahami.
Hubungan dgn org2 terdekat itu membawa terobosan hubungan dgn Tuhan.

2. Ciptakan masyarakat baru yaitu keturunan ilahi
 Maleakhi 2:15 (TB)  Bukankah Allah yang Esa menjadikan mereka daging dan roh? Dan apakah yang dikehendaki kesatuan itu? Keturunan ilahi! Jadi jagalah dirimu! Dan janganlah orang tidak setia terhadap isteri dari masa mudanya.

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How Do You Know When It’s From God?

How Do You Know When It’s From God?



Ladies, how do you know it’s God? You know, when you hear that voice in your mind? How do you know it’s God guiding you, guarding you or answering your prayers, whether through His Word speaking directly to you, the words of someone else or a sign?

How do you know whether the words you hear are God’s and not just your own thoughts, or whether the signs are simply coincidental? I mean, with Moses, God appeared in a burning bush. How great would that be for us? We wouldn’t question that, right? And I’d assume we’d all be quick to listen to God’s voice then.

Recognizing God’s words and signs can be easier for some than others, sometimes because His messages can be bolder and more obvious in some situations. But for most of us, His messages are subtle and easy to miss if we’re not paying attention. So how do we make it easier to recognize God when He’s speaking directly to us? And how do we come to know if the words we hear and signs we see are actually His? Let’s start with prayer.

With prayer, and specifically in moments of distress, we as Christians want to hear from God. But more often than not, an answer isn’t given. Or is it? Really, if you want to hear God in prayer, you need to be prepared to hear Him. Here’s what I mean.

In order to hear His voice, you have to be ready to listen.

Prayer is a conversation, after all. We often pray for the things that we want and need. We throw everything out there when it comes to asking for help for ourselves or others. But we seldom wait for a response. We hardly ever, if ever, wait and stay quiet, allowing our God to respond. In my kitchen, I have a sign with a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that reads, “Let us be silent, that we may hear the whisper of God.” So let us.

Avoid distractions.

All distractions. It’s great to pray at all times. In fact, we are called to do so in scripture. However, we need to have more intimate moments with our Lord. And these are the times when we can relax in meditation with the Lord and share without any distractions. It may seem like an impossible feat, but it’s a necessary thing for all of us to do.

Pray often so that you come to know His responses when they come to you.

In John 10:25-27, Jesus said, “The works that I do in my Father’s name testify to me; but you do not believe, because you do not belong to my sheep. My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me.” Part of knowing if it is God is knowing God. So you really need to build your relationship with the Lord so that you can better recognize when He speaks to you or shares a physical sign with you.

So, now that you know how to better set yourself up in prayer, how do you know when it’s God sending a message to you? Well, here are some things to look for.

You believe it. 

2 Corinthians 5:7 reads, “We walk by faith, not by sight.” Even when it comes to knowing God, we need to have faith that God is speaking to us, either in His own words or through our thoughts. If you know God, then you will be able to distinguish between what is everyday and what is a sign from God. It will grab your attention and you will know and believe.

You feel it.

Sometimes the sensation is subtle, sometimes overwhelming, but either way, it’s a physical feeling that sits apart from any other. It may even take your breath away. Whatever the feeling, it will, again, grab your attention and let you know that God is speaking to you.

You’re inspired by it.

It comes to you in His words, in your thoughts, your voice or someone else’s, either in your mind or a dream, and so you’re inspired by it. Sure, this seems pretty vague, but when it happens, you know, because it comes with believing and feeling at the same time. It will fill you with inspiration and a desire. It may even change a former belief about something. It may just change your heart.

It is good.

Whatever God says and calls us to do is good, He is good and everything He created is so. And therefore, when we believe that we are hearing God, and the thing that He is saying is good, then the likelihood is that it’s coming from Him.

It follows scripture.

This may seem obvious to some, but not to everyone. When God speaks, His words will never contradict scripture. So, if you know God, you will know His Word in scripture, and therefore you will know if the message He sends is really from Him because it will reflect His Word in scripture.

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Praying for a Good, Godly Man

Praying for a Good, Godly Man

 Sophia Vilceus


I thoroughly enjoy Church services in the beginning of a new year. Every year I go to Revival at my church for three nights and it is such a filling, gratifying, intense, humbling experience to see women and men of God in one place, desperately seeking God’s Face and Hand.

People are often crying and sprawled out on the floor because they are in such need.

What those needs are? Only they and God know.

I’ve been there too. Some Revivals, it was a desperate need to change my health and mind.

One year, it was to help me get out of a destructive and secret relationship. Other years, it was to change my finances and my family. The next year, I desperately needed God to lead me to a Publisher because I had a message yet was bombarded with rejection letter after rejection letter. It just seemed like every year there was that thing that I specifically needed God to do on my behalf, through His Power.

But this year, was different. I felt content, satisfied, well and nourished in various areas, in this season of my life and gratefully so.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”(Philippians 4:12).

Of course I need God every single moment and this new year will bring challenges unbeknownst to me at this present moment but overall there was no overt longing in me–not on the surface at least.

Unlike years prior, the one and only request on my heart, I felt timid to tell God about (though He already knows). It felt shallow. It felt not important or dire enough. It felt less significant than my other desperate prayer requests.

But my heart kept echoing in church, “God, all I want is to be a good wife to a good man “

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16)

And so I didn’t boldly come to His throne with my request, as He desires for me to. I casually prayed. I suppose I casually prayed because somehow my faith had withered in this area of my life. As I am just a couple years shy of 30, I suppose I began to listen to the whispers of society and the enemy, saying “your time is ticking.” Therefore, I continued praying for other things and for other people, particularly my family, but failed to pray for the family that I long to birth.

I was speaking to my closest, Christian sister-friend and I casually told her how I was feeling. Earlier that day, she had sent me a moving article which spoke about not merely praying for momentarily afflictions but to pray for more eternal things.

I told her I felt silly for praying for a man. It seems so cliched and it didn’t seem very eternal.

And she abruptly told me: “it’s not silly, I hope your future man is praying for you too!”

Somehow, as He often does, God used her to reinvigorate my faith and to remind me that He hears me. And it dawned on me that sharing Godly love with a spouse and raising and parenting Children in God’s way, is truly of The Divine. That truly is of the eternal.

One of the tactics of the enemy is to deceive. It is to make us believe that certain matters of our hearts don’t truly matter to God. But we know God longs to give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 20:4).

Furthermore, the enemy certainly wants us to not be prayerful about the love that we invite into our lives. If we keep God out of our relationships and selections and hopes, surely they will all fail. Therefore, I am boldly stepping to the Throne of Grace with Confidence as I lift up this prayer, I implore you to the do the same:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for being a God that cares about every single huge and tiny desire that is on my heart.

In 2017, I am believing that You are working in me and in my spouse. This year God, I pray that You divinely orchestrate events that will allow me to meet the person that You have for me. Give me the wisdom and courage to properly position myself in places that honor my request; help me to move beyond my comfort zone. God, I am praying for a good, faithful man after Your Heart.

I pray that He aspires to love me like You do. Send me to the man who is already praying for me. Help my faith in my season of waiting.

I thank You in advance for all that You have for me in this New Year. I put the statistics aside, and I choose to believe in You.

In Jesus’ name.


5 Ways to Know if It’s God’s Voice

5 Ways to Know if It’s God’s Voice



It can be hard to differentiate between the voice of God and our own thoughts. Here are five key tests to help you recognize which is which.

1) Test the origin (1 John 4:1).

Thoughts from our own minds are progressive, with one thought leading to the next, however tangentially. Thoughts from the spirit world are spontaneous. The Hebrew word for true prophecy is naba, which literally means “to bubble up,” whereas false prophecy is ziyd, meaning “to boil up.” True words from the Lord will bubble up from our innermost being; we don’t need to cook them up ourselves.

2) Compare it to biblical principles.

God will never say something to you personally that is contrary to His universal revelation as expressed in the Scriptures. If the Bible clearly states that something is a sin, no amount of journaling can make it right. Much of what you journal about will not be specifically addressed in the Bible, however, so an understanding of biblical principles is also needed.

3) Compare it to the names and character of God as revealed in the Bible.

Anything God says to you will be in harmony with His essential nature. Journaling will help you get to know God personally, but knowing what the Bible says about Him will help you discern what words are from Him.

Make sure the tenor of your journaling lines up with the character of God as described in the Names of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

4) Test the fruit (Matthew 7:15-20).

What effect does what you are hearing have on your soul and your spirit? Words from the Lord will quicken your faith and increase your love, peace and joy. They will stimulate a sense of humility within you as you become more aware of who God is and who you are.

On the other hand, any words you receive that elicit fear or doubt, that bring you into confusion or anxiety or that stroke your ego (especially if you hear something that is “just for you alone—no one else is worthy”) must be immediately rebuked and rejected as lies of the enemy.

5) Share it with your spiritual counselors (Proverbs 11:14).

We are members of the body of Christ. We weren’t designed or called to walk alone. Nothing will increase your faith in your ability to hear from God like having it confirmed by two or three other people!

Share what you’ve heard with your spouse, your parents, your friends, your elder, your group leader or even your grown children. They don’t need to be perfect or super-spiritual to be your sounding board; they just need to love you, be committed to being available to you, have a solid biblical orientation and, most important, they must also willingly and easily receive counsel.

Avoid the authoritarian who insists that because of their standing in the church or with God, they no longer need to listen to others.

Find two or three people and let them confirm that you are hearing from God.

3 Couples in the Bible We Can All Learn Something From

3 Couples in the Bible We Can All Learn Something From

 Sophia Reed


In this day and age there are many women that are willing to accept whatever a man is handing out and so often times what the man is handing out is nothing much. So how can a single Christian woman know what to look for in a man?  The key is the Bible. Even though the Bible is old it is never outdated and there are so many lessons to be learned from the Bible including what to look for in a man.

Let’s take a look at these 3 Biblical Couples. I’m sure we can all learn a thing or two from  them.

Boaz and Ruth

Boaz saw Ruth in the field working hard, and that is what attracted him to her.  Even though he was attracted to her, he did not expect anything from her.  Instead he helped her out.  He gave her food to take home because he knew she was poor. He invited her into his home to rest because he knew she had worked hard all day and was hungry. He had his workers look after her in the field because he wanted her to be safe while she worked.  Even when Ruth came to Boaz in the middle of the night, as her mother in law has directed her to do, he told her to leave before the sun came up so that no one would think badly of her.

What we can learn from Boaz:

A man will not only be attracted to your outward appearance but he will be attracted to what you have to offer, such as your hard work.  A man that is interested in you will show his interest in you.  You will not have to wonder what he is thinking or how he feels about you because he will show it. He will want to provide for you and keep you safe.  And like Boaz, he will not try to have sex with you to take advantage of you.  Instead he will want to make it official.  Make you his wife.

Esther and the King

Once the king fell in love with Esther he made her the queen.  Not only did he make her the queen but he declared a feast in her name, celebrated her, and pranced her around the kingdom. And most importantly he trusted his wife.  When she came before the king unannounced he could have chopped off her head, but he didn’t.  He listened to her and ultimately he believed her when she revealed the truth about Haman.  And lastly he was able to forgive and accept her.  Esther did not originally tell the king her Jewish heritage, but once she did, he forgave her and accepted her for who she was.

What we can learn from the King:

No one is perfect.  Let’s face it, the king has been married before and he sent away his first wife.  But when he meant Esther he was different.  He treated her like a queen and really she was just a small time girl from a no where village.  All women deserve for their husband’s to treat them like queens.  It does not matter where you come from or who your parents are; a real man who wants to be your husband should see you as his queen and treat you as such. He should accept you for who you are and not be ashamed to show you off.

Jacob and Rachel

Jacob’s loved Rachel.  He worked for Rachel’s father for 14 years because he wanted to marry her.  The first 7 years before he married her seemed like nothing to him because that is how much he loved her.  He was willing to prove to Rachel’s father how much he loved her by working hard.

What we can learn from Jacob:

A man who loves you will be willing to do anything for you. And most importantly a man that loves you will be willing to work hard to prove to your parents that he loves you and can provide for you as a husband.

If as a single woman you feel that these men do not exist. They do exist and they can exist for you.  One thing that you may have noticed in all of these situations is that God brought the right man at the right time.  None of these women went looking for a man. It happened when God said it was time .  And most importantly none of the men were looking to shack up and play house, they were looking for a wife.

So be patient and when it’s time, God will bring the right man to you. You just need to know what to look for and that is a Godly man over just any man.

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Heart is valuable

Seek God first.
He is greater than time itself and knows what's in the #heart of every man, He is capable of guiding yours! Because your heart is valuable.

@kingdomdating101 -  Whether it be a #romantic #relationship or #friendship, pay attention the kind of people who you spend the most time with. This is so important because the more you invest in someone, the more you begin to see who they really are, but also, the more difficult it is to break away if that friendship or relationship is not what it needs to be.
It is much harder to break off an unhealthy #dating relationship when you've been dating for years and you've invested so much time into one another. It is much more difficult to end a friendship with someone who is a bad influence when you've been hanging out every #single day semester after semester, or year after year. It is wiser to look at those #relationships now. Today. As followers of #Christ, we are to evaluate ourselves daily, by dying to our flesh (giving up our own ways) and making sure our focus is on the Lord's Way. This is what #Jesus says on this:
..."If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross daily, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. - #Luke 9:23-24
This applies to the way we approach relationships too. We have our own ways of deciding who and when we should give our time to, when we should say "I #Love You" and when we decide to have more intimate #relationships. But what does #God say? What does what God want for your heart? Surely, if He is greater than time itself and knows what's in the #heart of every man, He is capable of guiding yours!
So when you find yourself wondering, "Did I go too far with the last text I sent?" or "Should I be hanging out with my coworkers as much as I do?" or "Should I be sharing intimate details about my #life with this certain person?," know that God is MORE than equipped to guide you in this. If you're wondering what someone's intentions are or if you just don't know what do about ANY relationship or friendship, remember to seek the Lord. Your heart is valuable to #Him and He knows it inside and out. So be mindful of who you're investing and go to the #Lord DAILY about it all.

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Where Is God When Things Keep Getting Worse?

Where Is God When Things Keep Getting Worse?

Article by 

Vaneetha Rendall Risner

Regular Contributor

Life can be achingly difficult.

It has been for me. Many times, I’ve thought life was finally getting better, only to find out I was wrong. It was just the calm before the next devastating storm. Nothing was better. In fact, life became even harder.

I grew afraid to even hope again. Because hoping just brought more pain. I wondered where God was when things kept getting worse.

I buried my precious son when he was two months old because the doctors made a mistake. Six years later, I was diagnosed with postpolio syndrome, a debilitating condition that will eventually require that I have full-time care, unable to do the simplest things for myself. And then six years after my horrifying diagnosis, my husband left our family, moved away, and later filed for divorce.

Those years are still a blur to me. Just as I was coming to terms with one calamity, the next one came raging through. I wondered how I could handle yet another blow.

Afraid and Alone

“I have learned to trust that every time I suffer loss, God is preparing me for something greater.”


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That’s why I’m drawn to the story of Joseph. He knew what crushing disappointment felt like. He grew up as the favorite son of his father, but was later betrayed by his brothers and sold as a slave in Egypt. Soon he rose to a position of trust in Potiphar’s house until his master’s wife falsely accused him of attempted rape because he refused to sleep with her. Joseph was thrown into prison where he remained for years, waiting and wondering if he would ever be delivered.

Joseph must have felt afraid and alone, uncertain of what the future might hold. I definitely did. So, how did Joseph make it through those years and emerge with a stronger faith? Why did he not give up, determined never to hope again?

Joseph suffered well amidst staggering disappointment because he knew God was for him and with him in the darkest places.

God with Us

Four times in Genesis 39, both in Potiphar’s house and in prison, we read that the Lord was with Joseph (Genesis 39:2–3, 21, 23). While God later delivered Joseph in an astonishing way, the beauty of Joseph’s story to me is not in the miraculous deliverance, but in God’s constant and faithful care of Joseph when his life was bleak.

God never left Joseph’s side. Joseph knew that God was with him, and he was consistently blessed with God’s presence and favor, even when his prayers for deliverance went unanswered for years.

I remember years of crying out to God, thinking my faith would get back on track when life got back to normal. But as the pain grew more intense, I realized I needed to find God in the present, and not wait for my circumstances to improve. God wanted me to find him sufficient in the midst of trouble rather than just demanding that he deliver me from it.

And I found God more than sufficient as I met with him daily in Scripture and in prayer. His word became exceedingly precious to me. It brought light to my darkness. It became life to me.

How Does My Story End?

“God wants me to find him sufficient in the midst of trouble rather than just demanding that he deliver me from it.”


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It was in his word that I learned to trust that he loved me (1 John 4:10). That he would give me what I needed every day (Lamentations 3:22–23). Just like Joseph, I learned that God is always for me (Psalm 56:9), and always with me (Hebrews 13:5), and that nothing can separate me from his love (Romans 8:39). Through his word, God gave me an undeniable sense of his presence, just as he did with Joseph.

But my story seems to diverge from Joseph’s. Suddenly and miraculously, Joseph was completely delivered. He was freed from prison, his brothers were humbled and repentant, and he was awarded unprecedented power. He could say to his brothers, “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20). While he went through great pain and disappointment, in the end Joseph’s story is tied with a bow — a beautiful, inspiring, faith-building bow.

But will all our disappointments get tied up with a bow? Does God mean everything for my good? Some of my losses cannot or will not be reversed in this life, and I have seen faithful friends die without being rescued. How do I reconcile that?

God Is Preparing You

As I return to the Bible, I see that because of heaven, my future is indeed guaranteed. Just as with Joseph, nothing can keep me from God’s best. Every one of Joseph’s disappointments was essential in bringing about God’s magnificent plan — a plan for Joseph’s good, the good of his people, and for the glory of God.

Each of my disappointments has been necessary. If they were not, God would not have brought them. From Joseph, I have learned to trust that every time I suffer loss, God is preparing me for something greater.

“One day we will see how God has used our pain and losses to accomplish far more than we could ask or imagine.”


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For some of us, God may be preparing for us earthly blessings and influence, like Joseph. But for every follower of Christ, God is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory that is “beyond all comparison” (2 Corinthians 4:17). I am convinced that the losses that appear unrestored and unredeemed on earth will yield the greatest reward in heaven.

Where is God when things keep getting worse? He is with us. And he is always for us. And one day we will see how he has used our pain and losses to accomplish far more than we could ask or imagine.

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Let go because God says so

@Regrann from @love_in_motion  -  Let go because God says so.
I know how hard it is to place a situation in God's hands. I know the anxiousness you feel after waiting and waiting and waiting with the destination no where to be seen. I understand and I've been there. In fact, I'm still there. I wrestle with God for control over things daily. It stinks. But you know what? God has commanded us NOT TO WORRY about those things that are out of our control. He has given us the freedom to let go and give all our sappy heartbreak stories, our constant insecurities and our impossible situations to Him, knowing that He has a plan that is much greater. So why do we, as the little humans that we are, keep trying to take back what we already handed over to God? A few answers are doubt, lack of patience, worry and fear of the unknown. The truth that I constantly have to remind myself is that anything that I can come up with on my own, God can do immeasurably more, so why mess that up? Surrendering to Him and allowing Him to have his way is the most freeing and beautiful experience you can have. So whatever it is you're stressing over or dealing with, hand it over to Him, and keep it there. Let Him do what He's been wanting to do since the beginning. He wants to finish what He started and that begins with surrender on your part.  - #regrann

Setiap goresan memang tdk akan pernah hilang...
tp direparasi dgn emas...
Semua luka membuat jadi lebih indah..
Makin byk goresan, makin unik..
Ayo beli buku2 jualanku ttg pemulihan luka...

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Singleness is not a problem to be solved

Singleness Is Not a Problem to Be Solved

Article by

Stacy Reaoch

Guest Contributor

Recently I received an email from a single woman in her twenties asking for some advice. Her heart’s desire is to be married, but she doesn’t see any possibilities on the horizon. She spoke of her love for Jesus and her desire to pursue purity. That desire has kept her from indulging in the frivolous romantic relationships many young adults around her are enjoying.

This precious woman’s email brought tears to my eyes as she also laid bare the loneliness she feels, the intense desire to be pursued by a godly man, and the painful feelings of unwantedness that result from the lack of having someone to love.

The Pain of Love Lost

I can relate to many of her emotions. In my own season of singleness, I remember those same feelings. I longed to be loved unconditionally, for someone to treasure me just as I was, with every spot, blemish, and sin. My heart ached for the young man who had broken up with me after a two-year relationship, and I wrestled with feelings of rejection.

But God in his mercy did not leave me there. Through my heartache, he drew me closer to himself to find comfort in his word, where I learned to trust that he will withhold no good thing from those who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11).

“Singleness ought not be viewed as a problem, nor marriage as a right. God grants either as a gift.”


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During that season of waiting, I read a book that was formative in how I viewed relationships. It’s called Quest for Love by Elisabeth Elliot. I was inspired to live a counter-cultural life by not joining the ranks of those aggressively pursuing a man, but instead waiting for the right man to pursue me. One chapter in particular was life-altering. It was titled, “Marriage: A Right or a Gift?”

Help from Elisabeth Elliot

In this short chapter, I was confronted with the reality that I had grown up expecting to be married. This is what I wanted, so of course God would give it to me, I thought. But in Elisabeth Elliot’s no-nonsense way, she corrected my faulty thinking and completely realigned my perspective.

If you are single today, the portion assigned to you for today is singleness. It is God’s gift. Singleness ought not to be viewed as a problem, nor marriage as a right. God in his wisdom and love grants either as a gift.

Singleness as a gift! Are you kidding me?! I was shocked and offended the first time my eyes rolled over those words. But it was Elisabeth Elliot’s voice, along with the apostle Paul’s (1 Corinthians 7:7), that propelled me to not pine over a missing relationship, but to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus and the life he had given me to live.

If you want to make the most of singleness while you long to be married, here are a few practical points I learned in my own season of waiting.

1. Embrace the unique opportunities you have as a single person.

As the apostle Paul reminds us, the married person has dual responsibilities of pleasing both the Lord and his spouse. But the unmarried person needs only to be concerned about pleasing Jesus.

I want you to be free from anxieties. The unmarried man is anxious about the things of the Lord, how to please the Lord. But the married man is anxious about worldly things, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided. And the unmarried or betrothed woman is anxious about the things of the Lord, how to be holy in body and spirit. But the married woman is anxious about worldly things, how to please her husband. (1 Corinthians 7:32–34).

As an unmarried person, you have a unique freedom that will allow you to serve in ways that may not be possible with a family. Enjoy the freedom your schedule allows. Go on mission trips, build depth of relationship with friends, linger a while longer in God’s word, and read inspiring books that fuel your faith. Use your gift of singleness as a way to edify and bless the church.

“Singleness is not a problem to be solved.”


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2. Take risks.

Trust that no matter where you are, if God plans for you to marry, he will lead you to just the right person, and at the right time. Some sweet friends of ours have been a great example. As singles who didn’t know each other, they both moved to a remote part of Africa to serve with the same mission agency. Little did they know God would align their paths together in those hot desert sands, and that they would come home just a year later engaged to be married.

My friend tells me, “My husband saw me mostly unshowered, with no make-up for a year. And he still wanted to marry me! Now that’s love!” Don’t let fear paralyze you and keep you from moving to hard places for fear of not meeting a spouse. God is greater than our best laid plans.

3. Remember that sex is not ultimate.

Society loves to tell us the lie that we can’t live without romance and sex. Sadly, we see younger and younger people buying into it. But God promises to meet all our needs in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19). Our joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life come through seeking him, not seeking the momentary pleasures in a relationship, even a marriage.

Living a life of purity and devotion to God will bring far more joy than any physical or relational pleasure ever could.

4. Find full and unconditional love in Jesus first.

The longing to be fully known and fully loved is only fulfilled through a real relationship with Christ. No person can love us better than him. He knows every secret sin, every glaring fault, and if we are hidden in him by faith, we are covered by his precious blood. We are forgiven, free, and loved. Treasure this truth and trust that he can and will be enough for you.

“Singleness should not be viewed as a problem, nor marriage as a right. God, in his love, grants either as a gift.”


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In whatever season of waiting God might have you in, choose to bloom where you’re planted. Embrace the life God has called you to, whether single or married. Trust that both callings are precious gifts of grace, both with painful and overwhelming hardships.

Happiness is not found through finding a soul mate, but through finding satisfaction in a loving Savior who has called you his own and made you a beloved son or daughter of the King.

Kepada Semua Pemudi Kristen yang Masih Lajang

Kepada Semua Pemudi Kristen yang Masih Lajang


Penulis: Emilani Nababan

Sahabat-sahabatku terkasih,

Menuliskan surat ini membuka kembali semua cerita lama yang tak mungkin aku lupa, perjalanan panjangku sebagai seorang pemudi yang merasa tak lengkap tanpa sang belahan hati.

Kerap aku merasa kurang istimewa di mata Tuhan, meski aku sudah menjadi orang percaya. Pertanyaan “Apakah aku ini kurang istimewa di mata pria?” acap kali terlintas di kepala. Rasanya diri ini kurang berharga dan kelas dua.

Aku tahu dan percaya bahwa Allah Sang Pencipta telah menciptakanku istimewa dan sempurna, “dahsyat dan ajaib”, sebagaimana doa sang pemazmur dalam Mazmur 139. Namun, entah mengapa aku sering merasa tak seindah mereka di luar sana. Aku merasa tidak seberuntung mereka yang selalu menarik hati banyak pria. Aku bahkan pernah sampai hanyut dalam perasaan tidak berguna. Belum lagi saat harus menghadapi tekanan dari orang tua dan sanak saudara. Mungkin inilah pergumulan yang harus dihadapi setiap pemudi yang masih sendiri.

Namun, melalui perjalanan panjang inilah aku kemudian belajar apa artinya hidup sebagai orang percaya. Lewat persekutuan rutin bersama saudara seiman, disiplin membaca firman Tuhan dan berdoa, Allah mengubahkan cara pandangku sepenuhnya. Suatu hari Dia mengingatkan aku akan sebuah ayat yang sering dikutip orang, Yeremia 29:11, “Sebab Aku ini mengetahui rancangan-rancangan apa yang ada padaKu mengenai kamu, demikianlah firman TUHAN, yaitu rancangan damai sejahtera dan bukan rancangan kecelakaan, untuk memberikan kepadamu hari depan yang penuh harapan.” Meski tidak secara langsung berhubungan dengan situasi yang kualami, ayat ini terasa seperti teguran keras Tuhan atas ketidakpercayaan yang menguasai hatiku.

Aku diingatkan akan betapa seringnya aku bertanya, atau tepatnya mempertanyakan Tuhan: “Mengapa Engkau membiarkan aku masih terus sendiri?” Aku percaya Tuhan itu ada, tetapi aku meragukan bahwa Dia sungguh berkuasa. Ayat tersebut mengingatkan aku bahwa Tuhan tidak pernah melupakan rancangan indah yang telah Dia persiapkan bagi umat-Nya. Dia berjanji memberikan masa depan yang penuh harapan sembari merenda segala peristiwa menurut waktu dan hikmat-Nya.

Kebenaran sederhana yang luar biasa ini sontak memenuhi hatiku dengan damai sejahtera. Dengan tangis aku bersujud di hadapan Tuhan, memohon pengampunan-Nya. Dengan segenap hati, kuserahkan segala kekhawatiranku kepada-Nya, kupercayakan diriku seutuhnya kepada Dia, Sang Pemilik masa. Aku mulai menata kembali hatiku, hidupku, diriku, motivasi, dan tujuan hidupku. Bukankah Dia yang telah menenun aku dalam kandungan ibuku, menjadikan aku untuk tujuan-Nya yang mulia? Dia yang menciptakan aku menghendaki aku melakukan pekerjaan baik yang sudah dipersiapkan-Nya (Efesus 2:10). Dia mau aku hidup dalam kebenaran firman-Nya dan berkarya bagi kerajaan-Nya. Menjadi jelas bagiku, betapa hidup menjadi terlalu kerdil jika semata-mata hanya berpusat pada urusan menikah atau tidak menikah.

Kebenaran yang kutemukan dalam firman Tuhan itu membuat aku kemudian menjalani hidupku secara berbeda. Di antaranya:

1. Aku merawat tubuhku—bukan dengan tujuan menarik hati para pria, tetapi sebagai bagian dari tanggung jawabku memelihara anugerah Sang Pencipta.

2. Aku rajin datang beribadah dan terlibat dalam kehidupan bergereja—bukan dengan tujuan mencari cinta, tetapi sebagai ungkapan pengabdianku kepada Tuhanku.

3. Aku bersekutu dan melayani—bukan dengan tujuan mencari pasangan, tetapi sebagai luapan sukacita karena aku telah hidup dalam anugerah-Nya.

4. Aku melatih diriku untuk menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik dalam tutur kata, sikap, dan karakter—bukan dengan tujuan membuat para pria terkesan, tetapi karena aku rindu untuk memuliakan Tuhan.

Sahabatku, mencari pria yang tepat sebagai pasangan hidup kita bukanlah hal yang salah, juga bukan perkara yang mudah. Tetapi, janganlah sampai kita tenggelam dalam pencarian itu, sehingga kita tidak lagi bisa melihat tujuan besar Allah bagi hidup kita. Mari memakai hari-hari kita untuk memuliakan Dia, yakin bahwa Dia memegang kendali atas segala sesuatu yang ada dalam hidup ini. Percayalah bahwa Dia sedang bekerja di dalam dan melalui diri kita, merenda hidup kita menjadi sesuatu yang indah pada waktu-Nya.

Sungguhkah Menikah Seindah di Film? Inilah Pengalamanku Setelah 5 Bulan Menikah

Sungguhkah Menikah Seindah di Film? Inilah Pengalamanku Setelah 5 Bulan Menikah

Oleh Juli Vesiania, Denpasar

“And they live happily ever after.”

Begitulah gambaran yang aku dapat dari film-film ketika dua insan bersatu dan memasuki kehidupan bersama dalam pernikahan. Di negeri dongeng, pernikahan seringkali digambarkan sebagai sebuah hal yang indah, memukau, dan menawan hati. Namun, bagaimana kenyataannya? Inilah sepenggal pergumulanku yang ingin aku bagikan seputar pernikahanku.

Aku ingin menikah di usia muda

Ketika aku masih SMA, aku berikhtiar untuk menikah muda. Alasanku saat itu sederhana saja, aku merasa jika usiaku dan usia anak-anakku tidak terpaut jauh, aku bisa menjadi sahabat bagi mereka, sama seperti ibuku yang menjadi sahabat bagiku. Selain itu, sejak kecil film-film animasi Disney favoritku membuatku membayangkan menjadi ratu sehari dalam pernikahan adalah sesuatu yang menyenangkan. Pernikahan menjadi sebuah mimpi yang ingin kuwujudkan.
Namun, ketika akhirnya kesempatan untuk menikah itu datang saat aku berusia 24 tahun, aku baru menyadari bahwa mengambil keputusan untuk menikah dan menjalankan pernikahan bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah.

Pergumulanku sebelum pernikahan

Pernikahan adalah hal yang sangat penting dan sakral karena hanya dilakukan sekali seumur hidup. Artinya, siapa pun yang menjadi pasangan hidupku haruslah orang yang benar-benar tepat. Tidak boleh ada kata-kata “aku telah menyesal memilih dia”, atau “aku telah salah memilih pasangan hidup”.

Pikiran itulah yang menjadi kekhawatiranku ketika aku perlu mengambil keputusan untuk menikah. Berbagai pertanyaan berkecamuk dalam pikiranku. Apakah sungguh dia orang yang tepat? Apakah dia dari Tuhan? Apakah aku yakin bisa hidup bersamanya? Apakah aku orang yang tepat untuknya? Apakah aku bisa menjadi penolong untuknya? Terlalu banyak pertanyaan “apakah” yang ada dalam pikiranku kala itu.

Kala pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu membuatku galau, aku diingatkan akan alasan mengapa aku mau berpacaran dengan pasanganku itu. Bagiku, kita harus selektif dalam memilih pacar, karena sesungguhnya pacar adalah calon pasangan hidup kita. Oleh karena itu, sebelum kami berpacaran, aku telah menanyakan berbagai pertanyaan dasar kepada calon pasanganku.Apakah dia orang yang takut akan Tuhan? Apakah dia orang yang bertanggung jawab? Bagaimana jika hubungan ini berlanjut ke pernikahan? Ketika aku mengingat kembali alasan aku mau berpacaran dengannya, dan juga setelah mengenal dia lebih baik lagi selama kami berpacaran, aku akhirnya setuju untuk menikah dengannya.

Pergumulanku setelah pernikahan

Setelah melewati masa galau saat aku memutuskan untuk menikah, aku mengalami masa galau lainnya setelah aku masuk ke dalam pernikahan. Aku menjadi mengerti, pernikahan bukanlah tentang sebuah pesta. Pernikahan adalah tentang kehidupan setelah pesta berakhir.
Kehidupan pernikahan adalah sebuah kehidupan di mana dua manusia dengan latar belakang yang berbeda mencoba untuk hidup pertama. Sulit? Kurasa “sulit” bukan kata yang tepat. “Menantang” adalah kata yang lebih cocok menggambarkannya.

Ada beberapa perbedaan yang kurasakan sebelum dan sesudah menikah. Sebelum menikah, kami hanya ketemu sesekali saja, sehingga perbedaan kami tidaklah terlalu mengganggu kami. Namun, setelah pernikahan kami hidup bersama-sama. Tiba-tiba, perbedaan yang ada menjadi semakin mencolok.

Aku suka makanan bercita rasa asin, tapi suamiku suka makanan bercita rasa manis. Hal itu menjadi begitu merepotkan karena kini kami sering makan bersama. Saat kami keluar mencari makan, kami harus mempertimbangkan selera masing-masing orang. Ketika masak di rumah pun, aku harus membuat dua menu yang berbeda, yang memenuhi selera masing-masing. Saat pacaran, lebih mudah untuk bertoleransi karena kami hanya sekali-sekali makan bersama. Tapi setelah kami menikah, perbedaan ini menjadi hal yang harus kami hadapi seumur hidup.

Contoh lainnya adalah mengenai waktu tidur. Aku adalah ibarat “ayam jago” yang energinya keluar di waktu pagi. Jadi, aku tidur lebih awal, dan bangun lebih pagi untuk beraktivitas. Berbeda dengan suamiku, dia adalah ibarat “kelelawar malam” yang banyak beraktivitas di malam hari. Hal ini menjadi masalah karena kami tidur sekamar. Tengah malam, suamiku masih menyalakan lampu dan melakukan aktivitasnya. Kadang itu membuatku menaruh guling menutupi telingaku dan berseru kepadanya, “Matikan lampunya, aku mau tidur!”

Hal-hal yang kutemui di masa awal pernikahanku ini mungkin terlihat seperti permasalahan yang sepele. Tapi jika kita tidak dapat menyelesaikannya dengan baik, hal itu bisa berakibat fatal.

Inspirasi yang menjawab pergumulanku

Suatu hari, aku menemukan sebuah doa yang pernah dicetuskan oleh seorang teolog Amerika Reinhold Niebuhr. Doa itu begitu indah dan memberiku pencerahan untuk menyikapi permasalahan yang ada dalam pernikahanku dengan bijak. Berikut adalah isi doanya:

Tuhan, berikan aku damai sejahtera untuk menerima hal yang tak dapat kuubah,
berikan aku keberanian untuk mengubah yang dapat kuubah,
dan berikan aku hikmat untuk mengetahui perbedaan dari kedua hal itu.

Membaca doa di atas mengingatkanku bahwa ada hal-hal yang tak dapat kita ubah, dan untuk hal-hal semacam itu, kita perlu beradaptasi dan menerimanya. Aku tak dapat mengubah suamiku yang merupakan “orang malam”. Yang dapat kulakukan adalah beradaptasi dan menerimanya. Aku pun membiasakan diri untuk tidur dengan lampu yang menyala.

Selain itu, aku juga diingatkan oleh sebuah ayat Alkitab berikut ini:

“Sedapat-dapatnya, kalau hal itu bergantung padamu, hiduplah dalam perdamaian dengan semua orang.” (Roma 12:18)

Ayat itu mengingatkanku bahwa untuk hidup dalam perdamaian, usahakanlah itu. Kadang hal itu menjadi sebuah tantangan ketika keinginanku berbeda dengan keinginan suamiku. Oleh karena itu, aku menyadari bahwa dalam beberapa hal, jika itu hanya menyangkut keinginanku, aku perlu berkompromi. Berkompromi berarti kita akan melakukan hal-hal yang mungkin tidak kita sukai, karena hal itu penting bagi pasangan kita. Agar perdamaian itu dapat terwujud, perlu ada setidaknya salah satu yang mengalah.

Ketika memasak, aku merelakan diri untuk lebih repot dengan dua kali memasak untuk memastikan kebutuhan cita rasa suamiku dan diriku yang berbeda dapat terpenuhi. Begitu pula dengan masalah lampu kamar. Ketika aku perlu tidur cepat dan mematikan lampu, suamiku mengalah dengan beraktivitas di luar kamar. Ketika kami saling berkompromi, itu sangat membantu kami untuk menciptakan sebuah pernikahan yang harmonis. Perbedaan-perbedaan yang ada pun tidak terasa terlalu mengganggu lagi.

Pernikahan bukan untuk mengejar kebahagiaan

Aku mengingat sebelum menikah aku sempat membaca sebuah buku karangan Gary Thomas yang berjudul “Sacred Marriage”. Dalam buku itu, Gary Thomas berkata bahwa tujuan pernikahan bukanlah untuk mengejar kebahagiaan. Pernikahan adalah suatu sarana yang diciptakan Allah untuk menguduskan manusia agar semakin serupa dengan-Nya.
Jika seseorang ingin menikah, dia harus siap untuk melalui proses pemurnian dan pembentukan Allah. Kebahagiaan bukanlah tujuan, melainkan bonus yang diberikan Allah ketika kita melalui proses-Nya.

Itulah yang kualami dalam lima bulan pertama dalam pernikahanku. Aku merasa Tuhan sedang menguduskanku dan membentukku menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik melalui setiap masa suka dan duka yang kualami dengan suamiku. Meski ada riak-riak perbedaan karakter dan kebiasaan yang muncul setiap hari, aku dapat menjalaninya dengan sukacita, karena aku percaya itu adalah proses pemurnian dan pengudusan Tuhan bagiku dan pasanganku.

Jadi, apakah menikah itu indah? Jawabannya adalah ya. Tetapi bukan indah dalam pengertian tidak ada masalah, hidup damai, dan semua senang seperti yang dipertontonkan di film-film. Melainkan, indah karena iman dan pengenalanku akan Tuhan boleh semakin bertumbuh, dan karakterku diproses dari hari ke hari.

Aku sungguh berharap bahwa pernikahan yang kami bangun ini diperkenan Tuhan untuk menjadi berkat bagi anak-anakku kelak dan pasangan-pasangan lain. Kiranya keluarga yang kami bangun ini menjadi keluarga yang takut akan Allah, dan kiranya kelak anak-anak kami dapat menjadi pewaris kerajaan Allah.

Love n relationship

Firman CG kemarin... dr ko Ted...kutambahi opini...
ada gbr kesaksian c Cella n ko DM jg..

Cinta itu penguasaan diri n tdk cemburu, sabar n slg menerima.
Tdk melakukan hal tdk sopan.
Asmara itu tdk sabar n hawa nafsu.
Cinta slg jaga kekudusan.
Jgn beri barang2 mahal sblm pacaran.murah gpp klo pas ada event..wkwk..asalkan tulus, ga berharap..

Seks dr Tuhan jd kudus, hrs dlm pernikahan.
Jauhi godaan seks+Pornografi.
1 Yoh 1:9 akui dosa

Pacaran bangun hub. Utk pertunangan n pernikahan, bukan coba2.
Mengenal byk org sblm pacaran. Wkt pacaran, jgn tebar2 pesona. Pengenalan jg bukan tebar2 pesona, tp berteman scr sehat..beramai2 n seperlunya, tdk terlalu sering.

Sulit dpt pacar krn:
1. Standar tdk realistis

Standar Mutlak/wajib smuanya
-lahir baru
-cinta Tuhan (gbr diri pulih)

Tdk mutlak

2. Blm siap meninggalkan keluarga, blm pny inner beauty, byk khawatir
Jgn mau dgn pria yg gaje.
Pria hrs pny visi. Mau dibawa k mn hubungan itu?

Pacaran jgn terlalu eksklusif. Perlu komunikasi terbuka, tp jg perlu beramai2. Jgn sampai ga pny temen2 gara2 keasikan berdua terus.Komunitas itu penting.

Dlm pacaran belajar:
Kenal lebih ttg kebiasaan, sifat n kepribadian.
Buka diri n hati, jujur.

2 tim 2:22
Titus 2:6

Tdk boleh:
Pegangan n pelukan
Kissing ciuman
Petting meraba2
ML bersegama

3 tanda jodoh dr Tuhan
1.Iman yg sejati pd Tuhan
Penerimaan d keluarga, kerapian, nilai diri sehat.

2.Tuhan yg mendominasi pertemuan 2 insan.
Bukan org itu sengaja cari2 n kenalan2 sm byk lawan jenis yg cakep tiap hari (kyk org kurang kerjaan), tp fokus pd Tuhan, trus  didekatkan gtu sm Tuhan seiring berjlnnya wkt..

3.Slg mencintai n menerima apa adanya dia plus keluarganya.
Marry your bestfriend. 

Tantangan dlm relationship:
Restu ortu
Beda suku, adat, prinsip
Sosial n pendidikan

Hrs ada restu. Hrs berjuang. Tuhan akan menolong jika dia org yg tepat.
Jika bukan Tuhan yg bangun rumah, sia2lah semua. Jd hrs minta petunjuk Tuhan sebelum mulai.

Rabu, 15 Februari 2017

Belajar menyemangati orang terluka

Org2 ini merasakan pukulan mental yg berat..
Saat mereka patah hati ditinggalkan pacar..
Waktu mereka tdk lulus ujian di masa kuliah..
Ketika mereka stres dan terjerat narkoba..
Byk org yg memandang remeh, bahkan mungkin menjauhi..
Tp ada seorang bpk yg mau peduli dgn mendirikan panti rehabilitasi..bahkan menjual perhiasan istrinya saat tdk ada donatur..
Kita semua pernah maukah kita tdk memusingkan luka sendiri dan menolong org2 lain yg terluka? Menyemangati bhw msh ada secercah terang n harapan?
Berkat itu buat dibagi2..bukan buat dinikmati sendiri...
Orang yg terluka pny hak utk hidup dan dikasihi...
Aku merasa ini coxok banget dengan ayat ini..
Murid yang menyemangati orang terluka...
Yesaya 50:4 (TB)  Tuhan ALLAH telah memberikan kepadaku lidah seorang murid, supaya dengan perkataan aku dapat memberi semangat baru kepada orang yang letih lesu. Setiap pagi Ia mempertajam pendengaranku untuk mendengar seperti seorang murid.
Isaiah 50:4 (NET)  The sovereign Lord has given me the capacity to be his spokesman, so that I know how to help the weary. He wakes me up every morning; he makes me alert so I can listen attentively as disciples do.


Terkadang... aku merasa apa aku kurang penting..
Aku bertanya ttg 1 bbrp orang..
Tapi WA ku dibalasnya cm singkat 1 kalimat doank..bahkan ada yg ga dibalas..
Dan malah ada 1 orang yg minta jangan terlalu pusing krn belum menjalani..
Bukannya aku pusing sih, cuma mempertimbangkan plus minus d tempat lain..
Tdk salah menurutku jika cermat.

Meski begitu, aku bersyukur ada 1 sahabat lama yg peduli dan mau menjelaskan banyak..
Aku juga bersyukur ada 1 teman yg baru kukenal..
Dia menjelaskan panjang lebar n ksh masukan..bahkan difoto..
Lucu sih..hehe..
Terus pakai menyemangati juga..
Semoga aku bs jd org spt dia, yg ramah dan bersahabat..selalu menyemangati..
semoga makin byk org yg peduli gitu..
Ya menurutku menghargai saat org bertanya itu penting sih..
Meskipun harga diri orang ga dibangun atas dasar jawaban org, tp atas anugerah Tuhan.. Soalnya kasih itu ditunjukkan dgn perbuatan, bukan cm kata2 doank gitu..
Inilah opiniku..:-D

Senin, 13 Februari 2017

Bgmn Mengerti kehendak Allah?

Yer 29:11
Allah pny rencana
Mzm 32:8
Tuhan ingin memberitahu ttg kehendak Nya n bgmn mencapai
Menentukan sukacita

Jk tdk hdp sesuai panggilan, akan kosong n sia2, spt buang2 wkt.

Pahami rencana Allah dlm hdp org percaya
3 rencana umum:
1. 2 Ptr 3:18
Makin mengenal Allah
2. Rm 8:29
Serupa watak Kristus
3. Mat 28:19-20
Amanat Agung n bersaksi

Pikirkan ttg pilihan itu:
Hdp efektif
Bakat minat
Panggilan khusus
Tuhan bicara scr khusus lwt firman2 Nya misalnya janji2
Keadaan khusus

Filipi 1
Paulus tdk mau dikurung tp bs PI di penjara

Suara2 khusus
Diskusikan dgn pembimbing rohani n org2 dewasa
Bicara scr khusus lwt Firman Tuhan
Org lain spt nasihat n nubuat
Tiap pagi doa n menulis suara Tuhan misalnya selama 1 bln, hrs diuji.

Sumber dr siaran tiap senin jm 8-9 mlm di radio solo 94,3 fm or 846 am..

Minggu, 12 Februari 2017

Healing of a broken heart

A modern day Ruth FB page

I kept waiting night after night for his truck to pull into the driveway. I slept in his t-shirt just to keep his scent near me. My days were blurred in a thick foggy haze. I barely slept, I barely ate, I lost the desire to live. I was truly heartsick. I can still remember my teenage son's voice saying, "Mama...don't you think it's time you slept upstairs in your bed again?" I felt so lost. I told myself he would come back; that somehow his truck had broken down and that he wasn't able to call. I tried to reason with my heart that he wasn't really gone; that he would be back. I was completely heartsick. I never really fully understood what the words meant when someone said their heart was broken. Oh, the sure pain of it surreal. I don't take those words for granted anymore. I have learned to pray, comfort, listen and hold someone's hand when they say those words. I am so eternally grateful for Poppa God walking me through that difficult time in my life. He truly healed that shattered broken heart, and then He gave me a purpose -even a rare beauty out of what was meant to destroy me. It's been several years now and those memories have faded, but I have not forgotten. What should you do when your heart is broken? Here are some things that helped me through that painful season:

* If someone has left you, don't beg and plead for them to stay or come back. The best advice my grandmother gave me was: "If a man wants to walk, let him walk."  Begging, pleading, crying, manipulating, or pining for them to stay will only prolong your pain and suffering and that of your children. If someone wants to stay they will do it out of their own free will. You can't force someone to love you or to be faithful to you. Love is a choice, so let them choose. I know it hurts. I know you can't imagine your life without them, but you have to let them decide on their own.

* Decide and determine in your heart that you will hold onto God no matter what. It's not His fault that a human you loved disappointed you. Cling to His promise that He will never leave you or forsake you. Cry out to Him. Pray. Choose to read His word, stay in church. Even if you feel like your world is falling apart remember that you are in the palm of His hand and He will carry you. He is closer than a brother and a friend at all times. Let Him hold you and comfort you. He can handle your pain and your tears. Life may not make sense right now but life will get better again. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning.

* Reach out to someone you can trust; a prayer partner, a best friend, a pastor or mentor. Let them know what's going on. A true friend will care and be there for you during difficult times. Don't allow the lies of the enemy to tell you that you have to go through this alone. You need help during this time and it's okay to admit that. Ask others to pray for your strength, peace of mind, healing in your heart to take place.

* Remember to take care of your body. When you go through heartache your overwhelming feelings invade you and you may forget to eat. Your appetite may be completely gone. Choose to at least eat some protein and drink water daily to keep yourself  hydrated.

* Choose to live life. You probably want to stay in bed all day and do absolutely nothing. Force yourself to get up and get out of the house. Go for walks, see a movie with a friend, grab coffee and read the Word. I know it feels like your life is void and empty, but whatever you do, do not stop living. If you were happy before this person came into your life, you can be happy again without them. It will just take time.

* In the moments when you are completely overwhelmed by the grief and surges of feelings, have a friend you can call or text so they can pray for you. Sometimes the pain in your heart will feel like a sneaker tidal wave. You may feel completely like your drowning, but imagine yourself holding onto God's hand. He is right beside you and He will not let you be consumed. He is your anchor during the storm. Allow yourself to feel the pain and remind yourself that these feelings are temporary and they will pass. Breathe.

* Take time to reflect. You can't do a thing about the person who broke your heart, but you can reflect and think about what you could do differently. Listen to God's voice and be honest with yourself. It's a healthy approach to admit your mistakes and to glean wisdom from them. Ask God to show you what was unhealthy about the relationship. The truth sets us free. Don't beat yourself up though and do not condemn yourself. Don't blame yourself for everything either. It takes two people to have a relationship. Everyone has something they can do better and things to work on.

* Determine in your heart that you will forgive the person who hurt you. It doesn't mean you don't feel the pain anymore. It doesn't mean you are letting them off the hook -it means letting God deal with them. It means that you choose to walk in God's love. He can deal with people's hearts better than we can ourselves. I know it hurts. I know you're angry. I know you feel betrayed. It's okay to feel these feelings, but make the decision to forgive them. Ask God to help you in this. God can handle your feelings. Forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision.

* Do not choose to date or get involved in another romantic relationship until a lengthy time has passed. It's the worst mistake you can make. To start dating while your heart is broken is like walking around with a broken foot on novocaine. When the numbness wears off you will hurt even more. The damage will be greater. A second heartache is worse than first. Trust me -I know. Just because you feel better does not mean you are completely healed and ready for a relationship. Healing of a broken heart takes time. It's a process. God is a gentlemen and He heals our hearts one layer at a time, like an onion. Do yourself and the other person a favor -guard your heart. Get healthy first.

* Do special things for you. You are worth it. Go for walks, exercise, get a pedicure. Pamper yourself. Pamper a girlfriend. Do something kind for a neighbor. Do things that are stress relieving. Comfort yourself by surrounding yourself with good people and good atmosphere. Buy candles. Try a new hobby. Join a choir. Do it for you.

* Remember that tears are part of the process. It doesn't mean you are going backwards. A memory, a song or a smell might trigger feelings of the person who left you. Allow yourself to feel the pain and then move forward. Tears are cleansing, they're part of how God designed us to heal. He cares about you and the tears that fall on your pillow at night. So much that He actually records them in heaven.

* Avoid seeking comfort from places and things that will only temporarily numb your pain. Stay away from alcohol, drugs, sex outside of marriage, online dating services, or people who are a bad influence. All these things may feel good for a while, but your life will end up in destruction. Seek comfort from Jesus, His word, your friends, church, etc. Anything that is good, pure, lovely -think on those things.

* Know and remember that your pain and broken relationship are not your identity. You are lovable. You are a child of God. Nothing you can do can separate you from His unfailing love for you. He loves you right where you're at. Your mess is not who you are. Just because someone stopped loving you does not mean that you are unlovable. That is a huge lie of the enemy to try to destroy your confidence and self esteem.

Praying for you, Dear one. God is with you in this season. Love will bloom again on the branches of your heart. Written by Jenny Williams, Ruby Wives. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. Please feel free to share for encouragement purposes. All scriptures are taken from the  NIV Bible Version.
Psalm 147:3
He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Hebrews 13:5
“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

Psalm 51:17
My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.

Kamis, 09 Februari 2017

When God Says No…

When God Says No…

12 / 2 / 16

We know Gods Word says that if ask it will be given to us, if we knock, we shall find. But what happens when the answer is not what we want to hear? What if we long for something so much, but God says no? I think that could be one of the most heart-breaking things.

God is a good God and in His Word He states that He delights in giving us the desires of our hearts. And sometimes we ask and ask for a specific thing and in our minds we believe that will make us happy and that is what we need. But God, as our father, sees beyond what we can see, and because he loves us so much, there will be times that he will say no.

My one-year-old daughter has entered that very curious stage of wanting to see and touch everything. She loves to watch me cook. At times I would carry her on one arm and cook with the other. One day she was so into what I was cooking that she really wanted to stick her hand in the pot of spaghetti. In her mind it looked so cool and she really wanted to touch it. When I said no and moved her away from it, she cried and cried. But what she didn’t know was that I wasn’t saying no because I wanted to be mean, but it was because I wanted to prevent her from getting burned!

God is the same way! When he says no it’s not because He wants to be mean, but instead, he is protecting us from something that could potentially harm us.

So today I challenge you to TRUST God even when the answer is no. To TRUST God even when you do not understand what is going on around you. TRUST God even in the midst of confusion and pain. Because in due time you will see His hand and look back and the time He said no… and in that moment you will thank Him; Because He was just loving you and protecting you all along.

Dipulihkan Karena Doa

Dipulihkan Karena Doa


Oleh Katarina Tathya Ratri, Jakarta

Hari itu adalah hari terakhir di tahun 2011 ketika aku berjalan menyusuri jalanan di kota kecil tempat kelahiranku. Berbeda dari malam tahun baru sebelumnya yang aku lewati dengan berhura-hura, hari itu aku berjalan sendirian tanpa tujuan yang jelas. Aku tak peduli dengan orang-orang yang memadati jalanan untuk melihat kembang api, aku hanya ingin sesuatu yang berbeda untuk melewatkan tahun baru.

Langkah kakiku terhenti di depan sebuah jalan kecil yang menuju sebuah gereja. Hati kecilku bicara supaya aku melangkah ke dalam gereja itu. Tapi, aku merasa enggan karena itu bukan gereja yang pernah kusinggahi sebelumnya. Lagipula sejak duduk di bangku SMP, aku jarang pergi beribadah ke gereja. Namun, suara hatiku semakin keras dan aku memutuskan masuk ke dalam gereja itu.

Ketika aku tiba di dalam gereja, satu hal yang kuingat adalah berdoa. Sudah lama aku tidak berdoa, dan malam itu aku mau kembali berdoa. Kupejamkan mata dan mengarahkan hati kepada hadirat-Nya. Aku merasakan damai yang melingkupi hatiku dan tak mampu kujelaskan dengan kata-kata. Malam itu aku berdoa dengan khusyuk karena aku begitu rindu untuk bertemu Sang Pencipta.

Aku percaya bahwa rasa damai yang melingkupiku waktu itu mengingatkanku kalau Tuhan ingin aku kembali pada-Nya. Dalam keheningan itu aku menyadari kalau selama ini aku menganggap doa hanya sebagai kewajiban saja sehingga aku tidak memiliki kerinduan untuk melakukannya.

Doa yang kunaikkan malam itu mengubahkan hidupku. Selama ini aku mencari pelarian dari situasi rumah yang membuatku muak. Aku pergi bersama teman-teman untuk merokok, menonton video porno, hingga pulang larut malam. Hari itu Tuhan menegurku untuk kembali pada-Nya. Lewat doa, aku mengucap janji untuk berbalik pada-Nya dan meninggalkan cara hidupku yang lama.

Aku berusaha menjaga komitmenku untuk setia pada Tuhan walaupun godaan untuk kembali ke kehidupan yang lama terus datang. Setiap hari aku terus berdoa pada-Nya memohon kekuatan, dan seiring berjalannya waktu aku menjadi semakin senang berdoa. Doa adalah nafas hidupku sehingga aku akan merasa sesak jika aku melewatkannya.

Setiap kali aku berdoa, aku tidak hanya melaporkan pada-Nya masalah-masalah yang kualami, tapi lebih dari sekadar melapor, aku mendiskusikan masalahku dengan Tuhan, mengucap syukur atas pemeliharaan-Nya, dan berdoa juga untuk orang-orang lain. Aku percaya kalau Tuhan maha mengetahui, tapi aku merasa perlu untuk mengungkapkan isi hatiku kepada-Nya supaya hati dan cara pikirku berubah sesuai dengan kehendak Tuhan.

Komitmenku untuk meninggalkan cara hidup yang lama seringkali membuatku khawatir. Aku takut jika harus kehilangan teman-teman sepermainan, tapi firman Tuhan dalam Filipi 4:6-7 mengingatkanku, “Janganlah hendaknya kamu kuatir tentang apa pun juga, tetapi nyatakanlah dalam segala hal keinginanmu kepada Allah dalam doa dan permohonan dengan ucapan syukur. Damai sejahtera Allah, yang melampaui segala akal, akan memelihara hati dan pikiranmu dalam Kristus Yesus.”

Aku mengalami sendiri bagaimana damai sejahtera Tuhan turun atas diriku. Ketika aku harus menghadapi ujian sidang skripsi, aku sangat takut karena ada mahasiswa sebelumku yang dinyatakan gagal. Aku khawatir kalau-kalau aku akan dinyatakan gagal juga. Alih-alih rasa khawatir semakin menguasai diriku, aku berdoa dan mengucap syukur atas proses yang bisa kulalui. Damai sejahtera Tuhan memenuhiku, dan aku yakin kalau Tuhan akan memberikan yang terbaik untuk studiku.

Sejatinya, bukan Tuhanlah yang membutuhkan doa kita, tetapi kita yang butuh berdoa kepada Tuhan. Apapun kekhawatiranmu, ungkapkanlah kepada-Nya, sebab ada tertulis, “Serahkanlah segala kekuatiranmu kepada-Nya, sebab Ia yang memelihara kamu” (1 Petrus 5:7).

3 Hal yang Kudapatkan Ketika Aku Memutuskan untuk Bersaat Teduh Saat Aku Patah Hati

Oleh Ruth Theodora, Jakarta

“Manusia hidup bukan dari roti saja, tetapi dari setiap firman yang keluar dari mulut Allah” (Matius 4:4).

Sebagai seorang yang bertumbuh di keluarga Kristen, ayat di atas tidaklah asing bagiku. Aku mengerti bahwa kita tidak hanya membutuhkan makanan jasmani, tapi juga makanan rohani. Untuk mendapatkan makanan rohani ini, kita perlu menjalin relasi dengan Tuhan, salah satunya melalui saat teduh, saat di mana kita menyediakan waktu untuk berdoa dan membaca firman-Nya setiap hari.

Namun, meskipun aku mengerti prinsip tersebut, melakukannya adalah hal yang berbeda. Hubunganku dengan pacarku dahulu membuatku lebih mengutamakan waktu bersama dengannya daripada waktu bersama dengan Tuhan. Apalagi, kami dahulu menjalani hubungan jarak jauh yang membuat waktu pagi dan malam kami habiskan untuk menelepon. Waktu saat teduh pun terlupakan.

Hingga akhirnya pada akhir tahun lalu, aku putus dengan pacarku. Saat itu, aku merasa berada di titik terendah dalam hidupku. Di saat itulah, Tuhan kembali mengingatkanku akan ayat Matius 4:4 di atas dalam sebuah khotbah di gereja. Aku merasa tertegur akan ayat itu karena telah melupakan Tuhan saat aku dulu berpacaran. Aku pun mulai memutuskan untuk kembali menjalin relasi dengan Tuhan dan bersaat teduh setiap hari, dan itu membawa dampak yang positif dalam hidupku.

1. Aku dapat melepaskan masa laluku yang kelam

Awalnya, aku begitu diliputi perasaan bersalah. Aku takut Tuhan marah kepadaku karena kesalahan yang aku buat di masa lalu di mana aku mengutamakan pacarku daripada Dia. Namun ketika aku bersaat teduh, aku menyadari bahwa Tuhan mengasihiku apa adanya. Dia tidak melihat masa laluku yang kelam. Dia juga tidak marah kepadaku. Dia menghapus dosa-dosaku dan memberiku kesempatan untuk bertobat dan kembali kepada-Nya.

2. Aku memiliki pengharapan untuk hari depan

Ketika aku bersaat teduh, aku membaca banyak kisah dalam Alkitab yang memberikanku harapan. Aku membaca kisah Rut. Meskipun dia seorang janda yang miskin dan bukan orang Israel, namun dia bisa mendapatkan Boas yang tidak memandang latar belakangnya. Bahkan, dari keturunannya, Yesus dilahirkan. Aku juga membaca kisah Yusuf yang awalnya mengalami berbagai macam penderitaan, dijual oleh saudara-saudaranya, dimasukkan dalam penjara, namun akhirnya dipakai Tuhan untuk memelihara hidup suatu bangsa yang besar (Kejadian 50:20).

Semakin sering aku membaca kisah-kisah yang ada dalam Alkitab, semakin aku diyakinkan bahwa Tuhan selalu menepati janji-Nya dan Ia merancangkan rancangan damai sejahtera bagi anak-anak-Nya, untuk memberikan kepada kita hari depan yang penuh harapan (Yeremia 29:11).

Awalnya, ketika aku putus dengan pacarku, aku begitu takut akan masa depan. Aku takut untuk menjalin hubungan yang baru, karena aku takut kembali disakiti. Aku juga takut kalau-kalau aku takkan pernah menikah nantinya. Namun, ayat dalam Yeremia 29:11 menguatkanku, dan membuatku percaya bahwa Tuhan memiliki rencana yang terbaik dalam hidupku. Yang perlu kulakukan hanyalah percaya kepada-Nya.

3. Aku menjadi lebih peka dengan penyertaan Tuhan

Ketika aku bersaat teduh, aku meluangkan waktu untuk bercakap-cakap dengan Tuhan. Semakin sering aku bercakap-cakap dengan Tuhan, aku menjadi semakin mengenal-Nya dan semakin peka dengan setiap perkataan-Nya. Aku dapat merasakan penyertaan-Nya ketika aku melakukan pekerjaan, merencanakan segala sesuatu, dan mengambil keputusan. Aku pun semakin disadarkan bahwa jika aku ada hari ini, ini bukan karena kekuatanku, tetapi karena penyertaan Tuhan dalam hidupku yang begitu luar biasa.

* * *

Ada begitu banyak dampak positif yang kurasakan ketika aku bersaat teduh. Saat teduh bukanlah hanya sekadar rutinitas rohani, tetapi sebuah hubungan dengan Tuhan yang perlu kita utamakan. Yesus berkata dalam Matius 6:33, “Tetapi carilah dahulu Kerajaan Allah dan kebenarannya, maka semuanya itu akan ditambahkan kepadamu.” Aku telah merasakannya. Ketika aku mengutamakan Tuhan dalam hidupku, aku dapat melepaskan masa laluku yang kelam, aku memiliki pengharapan untuk hari depan, dan aku menjadi lebih peka dengan penyertaan-Nya.

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Bayangkan jika si dia...

Ini dia...
Dulu ada pelajaran dr sebuah buku..
Intinya kalau suka sm orang, bayangkan dia tua keriput...
pikirkan kalau dia adl ayah/ibu mu...atau kakek/nenek mu,,
Apakah km msh suka?
Kalo ga, tinggalin aja...
Hr ini menemukan quote ini..
Bayangkan dia adl anakmu..
Setuju semua..hihi...
Kalau km mau pny anak yg suka pornografi, silakan menikah dgn org spt itu..
Jika km mau ayah/ibu yg playboy/playgirl, silakan jadian dgn org spt itu..
Kalo km mau pny kakek/nenek yg merokok, silakan bertunangan...
Sifat tdk akan berubah setelah km menikah..
Jd jgn terbuai penampilan dan harta..

#wisdom #quote..
@Regrann from @gentlewomenhood -  Now that we got our laughs out on my last post...This, this is profound. Life has cycles and I truly feel like the dysfunctional people, relationships and families derive from weak foundations that are consistently repeated, taught, learned. As women we have to be more conscious and serious about who we open our mind, body, and life to. Would you want your child to be in a relationship like yours? It's really worth asking. #ThisIsntIt - #regrann

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Still Waiting on God’s Perfect Timing?

Still Waiting on God’s Perfect Timing?

 Esther Joy


We often pray, hope and dream for various things. However, we can get impatient when we don’t know when they will happen, such as knowing its exact date or time.

True faith includes being patient and remembering that God has our best interest at heart.

This also includes believing that God knows just the right time to reveal it to us. Whatever God has promised us will come to pass. The challenge is to trust His timing. Therefore, we may have to exercise much patience.

Knowing the exact timing of various blessings or promises won’t make much of a difference because we would still have to wait for it, if it doesn’t come instantly.
If we knew the exact time, then there is no need to exercise our faith.

We would remain fixated on that date until it comes and not live in the moment of each day.

At bus stops and train platforms, in London, there is usually a live board which tells you when the next one is coming. I’ve often been frustrated when the board at a bus stop was not working because I wouldn’t know when the next bus was coming.

However, I later realized that regardless of whether the bus timer is working or not, if the bus is still in service, then it will come. Therefore, I won’t be any better off knowing when, only that it will eventually arrive.

This is the same way that God works. He is alive and active in our lives; so it is only a matter of time when our blessings and promises will come to pass.

David waited for over 20 years to become king of Israel from the moment that he was anointed by Samuel: 15 years to become king of Judah and then another 7 years to become king of Israel.

If he had known that it would have taken that long, then he may not have been able to gain the skills and characteristics that he had learned through his waiting period, that were needed for him to become a great king.

He lived in each moment anticipating when he would get there and learned a great deal along the way, so that he was fully prepared and ready to gain his title.

God likes to prepare us, while we wait, to be spiritually, emotionally and physically ready. When we allow this process to finish its work, we come out mature, complete and not lacking in anything (James 1:3-4).

When we wait and endure long, difficult moments and processes to get to where we need to be, we truly value and appreciate it because of the struggle we went through.

When our hard work finally shows its fruit, when that miracle comes or when our career or business finally flourishes, we would be proud of our efforts and how far we came. We would also appreciate it more because of how long we waited and prayed for it.

We will gradually get to where we need to be, it takes just one step at a time. Everything that has happened in our lives is preparing us for greater moments. God wants to use our whole lifetime to prepare us for eternity and greatness, so He is not in a rush.

God’s timing is perfect; never early and never late. He knows what is best for us and will place us at the right place and at the right time. It’s only a matter of time, so hold on to Gods promises for your life.